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Kiama Show Ball Wasted Not!

As the old addage goes, waste not, want not! And this yeah the Kiama Show Ball aimed to see how much it could not waste and suceeded.

With over 220 people attending this BYO event, and including set up and pack down, at the end of the night we only had 1/8 of a red bin head to land fill.

The rest was recycled including.... Two yellow bins of recycling:

1/2 a green bin of compostable waste

20lt bag of soft plastics - taken to Redcycle Bin in Kiama Village

$34.90 in bottle and cans to Earn & Return

Polystyrene cups to Community Recycling center

Bottle tops to be put into large tin for recycling

We are very proud to have produced so little waste from our huge night of fun and it wasn't hard. We simply borrowed table cloths and table runners plus bunting and lighting. Then used old jars for table arrangements and old bottles for table water. And we asked for people to bring us garden cutting for decorations and that attendees brought their own glasses.

To help everyone out we had a simple recylcing stall which was manned all evening with clear signs for each bin and someone to help when people got lost.

All in all it was very easy to keep this event low waste and we're proud to have done so. If you want more information on how you can do this at your own event or other initiatives to get involved in just reach out.

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